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Overnight Shipping as low as $13 Spend $600 get $50 off… Spend $800 get $70 off… Spend $1000 get $100 off..
Overnight Shipping as low as $13 Spend $600 get $50 off… Spend $800 get $70 off… Spend $1000 get $100 off..

Discover Ferrum Tools' Innovations at the Florida Trucking Show

Booth #328

Experience the best in trucking tools with Ferrum Tools at this year's Florida Trucking Show! We're excited to showcase our advanced and reliable tool solutions tailored for the trucking industry. Meet us at Booth #328 for an exclusive look at our top-of-the-line products.

Ferrum Tools stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the trucking tools sector. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every product we create, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the trucking industry. From advanced diagnostic tools to robust maintenance equipment, our products set the standard for reliability and efficiency

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Broward County Convention Center

1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sat Feb 24th, 2024 Sun Feb 25th, 2024
Booth #328

We're excited to offer special discounts and promotions exclusive to Florida Trucking Show attendees.

Visit our booth to learn more about these exclusive offers and how they can benefit your trucking operations. 

Our booth at the Florida Trucking Show will feature a comprehensive range of Ferrum Tools' products, including:

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Diesel Engine Tools:

Discover our specialized tools designed for the maintenance and repair of diesel engines, ensuring your fleet runs at peak performance.


Tool Usage Demonstrations

Live showcases demonstrating the effectiveness and ease-of-use of our tools in real-world scenarios.

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Heavy-Duty Maintenance Tools:

Explore our selection of heavy-duty tools built to withstand the rigors of truck maintenance and repair tasks.


Customized Tool Solutions

Learn about our customized tool solutions that cater to the specific needs of your trucking operations.

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New Product Reveals

Unveiling of the latest additions to our tool lineup, showcasing innovation and advanced technology.


Technical Advice

Insights and advice on tool selection and usage for optimal truck maintenance and repair.